Norwich and Norfolk – Beaches, Wildlife and WWII History

Norwich is the perfect place to live for a variety of people, whether you live with your family, partner or are looking to live on your own, Norwich provides plenty of different housing options and has a variety of different attractions and things to do for people of all ages.

For children and families there are a whole variety of different things that you can do. In Norwich city itself there are cinemas, theatres, bowling alleys and hands on museums to help keep kids entertained no matter what the weather. Not only does Norwich have a number of different attractions but close by in the Norfolk countryside you will find a host of different market towns, villages and different tourist attractions. If your kids like to spend time on the beach, Norfolk and nearby Suffolk provide some of Britains biggest and nicest beaches. The beaches of North Norfolk provide plenty of opportunity for children and families to play and relax whilst also being home to a range of different bird species. Throughout the year you will find different species of bird and wildlife either nesting or simply passing through on migration to elsewhere. Either way, the various information centres and bird hides provide plenty of information on what you are likely to see and what the different species look like.

On the wildlife theme, there are number of zoos, animal parks and farm parks situated throughout Norfolk. Whether your children or grand-children like farm animals or exotic animals, there are a number of options to suit all tastes. For people who are interested in World War II history, Norfolk is host to a number of old RAF bases and museums. From radar museums to tank museums each museum is both informative and interactive helping to keep both children and adults entertained.

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Different renting options in Norwich

There are numerous different options when it comes to Norwich properties to rent. Depending on where you live and whether you are looking to live on your own, with a partner or with family there are a whole range of properties that you can look to rent. If you are single or are looking to live with your partner, city centre living maybe for you. Renting an apartment in the centre can provide numerous benefits such as not needing to commute to work, being close to a variety of amenities including shops, restaurants, bars and leisure facilities. In Norwich there are numerous city centre living opportunities, many of which provide excellent views of the city whilst being close to the numerous city centre attractions.

For those of you who have a family or are just looking for something bigger in a quieter area, there are numerous property options outside of the city centre in a range of the suburbs. Semi detached, terraced and detaches houses are all available at a variety of rent costs. If you are looking to rent property in Norwich then why not visit one of a number of the city’s estate agents or simply use the internet to find your ideal property. Both the internet and city centre estate agents will be able to provide a list of property to let in Norwich and help you decide what size property and rent costs are going to be more appropriate for you.